Frequently Asked Questions

About Posh Games

What is Posh Games?
Posh Games is a board-gamers group for people living in and around the Peterborough (England) area.
When and where does Posh Games meet?
We meet at various venues, in and around the Peterborough area. Some are public venues, like pubs and church halls; other sessions are hosted from our homes. Currently, we have monthly game sessions on the second Saturday of each month, and regular Tuesday and Thursday evening sessions. Plus other sessions, as scheduled on the website.
Can I come along?
Generally speaking, everyone is welcome. However, note that while the public events tend to have no limit on the number of people who can attend, some sessions - especially those hosted in member’s homes - may specify how many people they can cope with. In these cases, you should check that they have room for you before planning to come. If you are told the session is full, please do not pressure the host into accepting "just one more" - they know their own home (and their own preferences) better than you. There will always be another game session coming along soon!
Should I bring anything?
The session announcement should give you a guide to this, particularly on the subject of snacks and drinks. If it is an general games session, by all means bring a few games that you like to play, but bear in mind that others will be doing so too. So don’t be disappointed if you don’t get to play your game - there is always next week!
Who runs Posh Games?
It is very much run by the members. Chris Malme maintains the actual website, but there is no single person in charge.
There is also a Posh Games Group on Facebook. Are you the same people?
Yes, and we use the Facebook group to socialise and swap pictures. But not everybody wants to be on Facebook, so for actually scheduling sessions, and saying if you are coming, please use the website.

Login and Registration Issues

Why do I need to register?
We require users to register for two reasons. Firstly to prevent anyone coming onto the website and spamming the forum. Secondly to maintain our privacy - when planning game sessions, members may be posting their home address and sometimes even a contact telephone number. Please also note that all new registrations are verified by the website admin, so it sometimes takes a few days for a registration to be approved and activated.
Why can’t I register?
It is unusual that a registration will be rejected immediately. However, it is possible that your IP address has been used by someone else previously to attack the website, and then been banned. Use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the screen for assistance.
I registered but cannot login!
First check your Username and Password. If you have only recently registered, it is possible that it is still waiting to be approved and activated. Please be patient - remember, this is our hobby, not our day-job.
Why can’t I login?
There are several reasons why this could occur. First, ensure your username and password are correct. If they are, contact a board administrator to make sure you haven’t been banned. It is also possible the website owner has a configuration error on their end, and they would need to fix it.
I registered in the past but cannot login any more?!
It is possible an administrator has deactivated or deleted your account for some reason. Also, many boards periodically remove users who have not posted for a long time to reduce the size of the database. If this has happened, try registering again and being more involved in discussions.
I’ve lost my password!
Don’t panic! While your password cannot be retrieved, it can easily be reset. Visit the login page and click I forgot my password. Follow the instructions and you should be able to log in again shortly.
However, if you are not able to reset your password, contact a board administrator.
Why do I get logged off automatically?
If you do not check the Remember me box when you login, the board will only keep you logged in for a preset time. This prevents misuse of your account by anyone else. To stay logged in, check the Remember me box during login. This is not recommended if you access the board from a shared computer, e.g. library, internet cafe, university computer lab, etc. If you do not see this checkbox, it means a board administrator has disabled this feature.
What does the “Delete all board cookies” do?
“Delete all board cookies” deletes the cookies created by phpBB which keep you authenticated and logged into the board. Cookies also provide functions such as read tracking if they have been enabled by a board administrator. If you are having login or logout problems, deleting board cookies may help.

phpBB Issues

Who wrote this bulletin board?
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Why isn’t X feature available?
This software was written by and licensed through phpBB Limited. If you believe a feature needs to be added please visit the phpBB Ideas Centre, where you can upvote existing ideas or suggest new features.
Who do I contact about abusive and/or legal matters related to this board?
Any of the administrators listed on the “The team” page should be an appropriate point of contact for your complaints. If this still gets no response then you should contact the owner of the domain (do a whois lookup) or, if this is running on a free service (e.g. Yahoo!,,, etc.), the management or abuse department of that service. Please note that the phpBB Limited has absolutely no jurisdiction and cannot in any way be held liable over how, where or by whom this board is used. Do not contact the phpBB Limited in relation to any legal (cease and desist, liable, defamatory comment, etc.) matter not directly related to the website or the discrete software of phpBB itself. If you do email phpBB Limited about any third party use of this software then you should expect a terse response or no response at all.
How do I contact a board administrator?
All users of the board can use the “Contact us” form, if the option was enabled by the board administrator.
Members of the board can also use the “The team” link.