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The Future of the Website

Post by Chris__M » Tue Dec 26, 2023 4:04 pm

Returning to something I have mentioned before. Since lockdown, almost all the session scheduling seems to have moved over to Facebook. I know this has left a couple of people out of it, as they are not Facebookers.

This is not something easily changed, even if I wanted to. If Facebook is where all the people are, it is where they are going to chat and plan.

This has made me wonder if I should be adapting this site, away from being a standalone forum, and making it more a gateway into the discussion on Facebook. Indeed, if that is possible these days - there was a time when information could be imported and exported to Facebook really easily, but they have become more of a walled garden.

I am not going to do anything in a hurry, though. But it would be helpful to see if anybody is using the website now.

So if you see this, please respond. Don't worry if a month has gone by, or two. Just respond to this with a short comment, so I can see who I am doing this for, if anyone. :lol:
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